You already know that today’s solutions for ECM, BPM, ERM, and all the other ‘M’s* can transform the way your organization operates. The trick, however, is to figure out which options are best suited for you, and to ensure you get the most value you can from the ones you choose.

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We hate it when we hear stories about technologies that “don’t work” or returns on investments that don’t meet expectations. At the same time, we absolutely love it when we see rousing successes that boost productivity, morale, and bottom-line performance – especially when the beneficiary is you.

The big “aha!” here is that the line that separates the first of these scenarios from the second is a fine one, and yet one you can easily avoid crossing if you know how.

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* ‘M’ is for ‘management,’ of enterprise content, business processes, records, etc.

What’s in Us For You

Holly Group exists solely to help you advance your business process and information management capabilities. Whether you leverage our consulting or training services – or some combination of the two, as most clients do – all we want is to enable your people to work better and work better together through improved governance, compliance, and process efficiency. How we do this is entirely up to you.

Our reputation and expertise center on pragmatic best practices for everything from basic planning through vendor selection and user adoption, including strategy and policy development, needs assessment, RFP preparation, and change management. We don’t offer implementation services, and we don’t receive vendor commissions, so you need not worry that we have any hidden agenda.

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Areas of Coverage

compassrose sm Welcome!Our business is all about enabling your business to get right to the business of better managing, securing, sharing, tracking, and delivering your critical content.

Our stock-in-trade includes thought leadership and applied practical experience in an alphabet soup of relevant disciplines that encompasses many technology domains. These include (but are not limited to):

Capture • Imaging • Forms • Content/Records/Business Process Management • SharePoint • Workflow • Printing • Digital Publishing • Multichannel Delivery (incl. Mobile) • Social Media • E2.0

Turning Potential Into Performance